Cyber Security services

Protect, secure, choose us, and be sure.


  • IT Infrastructure security analysis
  • Identification of IT security weaknesses and flaws
  • Inspection of computer file systems / logs and events
  • Restructuring of IT infrastructure to achieve better security
  • Solutions to increase antivirus product efficiency

  • Deployment of secure remote access environments

  • Implementation of network security solutions
  • Implementation of e-mail security
  • TLS (Commercial, Let's Encrypt, Self-Signed, Microsoft CA)
  • Implementation of centralized corporate workstation / server security solutions (firewalls, antivirus, anti-malware, anti-spyware, anti-adware)
  • Patching of hardware systems
  • Centralized update / patch systems for servers and workstations
  • Integration of content filtering / blocking systems
  • Logging / capture of network data for detection / analysis purposes
  • Real-time network traffic analysis / problem detection

  • Anti-ransomware policies, procedures and solutions
  • Analysis of network traffic patterns, and network user behavior, to improve business efficiency and productivity.


Servers / Workstations

Server / workstation security hardening

Patching, firmware / BIOS upgrades
Driver updates

Virus / Malware cleanup

Centralized security/stability patching systems

TLS for web, and email systems

Deployment of centralized corporate antivirus / anti-malware / anti-spyware / anti-adware / software firewall solutions

Symantec Endpoint


Restructuring of networks for maximum security

VPN / Remote access solutions

Development of secure network access / usage and behavior policies and procedures

Security patching of network equipment

Deployment of firewall, antivirus and content inspection solutions


Access / modification restriction


Integration of secure access mechanisms

Blocking of CD / DVD, USB devices

Secure data / disk deletion / wipe of storage / memory recycling or re-purposing.

Blocking of access to file sharing portals / social networks


Internet behavior guidance and procedures

Personal data handling procedures
Corporate data handling procedures

WIFI / LAN usage and behavior procedures

Solutions and procedures to protect your business from dangerous internet content.