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IT Security services

Protect, secure, choose us, and be sure.


  • IT Infrastructure security analysis
  • Identification of IT security weaknesses and flaws
  • Inspection of computer file systems / logs and events
  • Restructuring of IT infrastructure to achieve better security
  • Solutions to increase antivirus product efficiency

  • Digital tracking blocking solutions
  • Privacy protection solutions and procedures

  • Implementation of network security solutions
  • Implementation of e-mail security
  • SSL/TLS deployment (Commercial, Let's Encrypt, Self-Signed, Microsoft CA)
  • Implementation of centralized corporate workstation / server security solutions (firewalls, antivirus, anti-malware, anti-spyware, anti-adware)
  • Implementation of mobile security solutions
  • Patching of hardware systems
  • Centralized update / patch systems for servers and workstations
  • Deployment of data-leakage prevention solutions
  • Integration of content filtering / blocking systems
  • Logging / capture of network data for detection / analysis purposes
  • Real-time network traffic analysis / problem detection

  • Anti-ransomware policies, procedures and solutions
  • Analysis of network traffic patterns and network user behavior to improve business efficiency and productivity
  • Deployment of secure internet browser / browsing environments


Workstations / Servers / Mobile devices

Workstation / server security hardening
Workstation / server patching, 
firmware / BIOS upgrades
Driver updates
Virus / Malware cleanup
Detection and removal of advanced threats

Centralized security/stability patching systems

SSL/TLS deployment for web and email systems

Deployment of centralized corporate antivirus / anti-malware / anti-spyware / anti-adware / software firewall solutions

Symantec Endpoint

Deployment of access lists / permission restrictions

Deployment of security software for mobile devices


Restructuring of network infrastructure for maximum security

Development of secure network access / usage and behavior policies and procedures

Content blocking solutions (block adult, social networks, unsafe or non-business related content) - keep your employees safe on the internet, keep your family away from unsafe or malicious content

Security patching of network equipment
Reconfiguration of unsecure components
Content and data access restrictions

Deployment of firewall, antivirus and content inspection solutions (stateless, stateful, deep packet inspection)
Deployment of anti-spam / DLP appliances

VPN Solutions (PPTP/L2TP/SSTP/IPsec)

Deployment of proxy solutions
Network traffic capture and analysis


Access / modification restriction
Integration of secure access mechanisms
Data leakage prevention

Blocking of CD / DVD, USB devices

Secure data / disk deletion / wiping for the purposes of storage / memory recycling or repurposing.

Blocking of access to file sharing portals / social networks

VPN / tunneling solution deployment


Internet behavior guidance and procedures

Personal data handling procedures
Corporate data handling procedures

WIFI / LAN usage and behavior procedures

Solutions and procedures to protect your family from dangerous internet content

Policies and procedures for digital tracking blocking, and digital trail removal

Digital tracking blocking solutions

Custom secure browser / browsing environments based on Virtualization and Mozilla Firefox optimized for maximum security and privacy