THEOS IT Solutions

IT Services tailored for you

THEOS IT Solutions is an IT consulting company specializing in Information technology consulting, services and solutions. Our business model is based on the need to provide comprehensive, business integrated IT, through a unique portfolio of IT products, solutions and services. We provide broad IT coverage, over multiple, diverse, modern IT platforms, and brands, on an on-demand basis, to integrate IT in your business seamlessly and efficiently.

What makes us different

  • Highly qualified professionals with experience in small and medium business sector and high-tech enterprises (telecoms, banks, IT service providers)
  • Comprehensive portfolio of modern IT services and solutions
  • On-demand coverage
  • Long-term cooperation
  • Fast response times
  • Reduction of IT operating costs
  • Industry certified professionals
  • Collaboration based on your business needs
  • Knowledge transfer


Services and solutions

    We provide tailored IT solutions for your business, including IT Project management, IT Infrastructure Support / Maintenance, IT Security and privacy, IT Consulting, as well as custom IT solutions based on your Business requirements.

Cost vs Benefits

   We provide the best cost-to-benefit ratio on the market by delivering IT services and solutions that are crucial to your business, and delivering them in a timely, cost efficient manner.


Our clients come first, through our professionalism, high quality and respect for business norms and ethics. We monitor our service quality metrics, and value client feedback, both positive and negative, working to constantly improve and correct, in order to meet the market needs, and provide high-standard services. We build lasting relationships. Your satisfaction is our top priority.


Our mission is to create a high-tech IT services and solutions provider, that will best serve your business on a global level, when and how you need it. By staying on top of the latest IT market developments, and by constantly improving ourselves, our knowledge, and our surroundings, we will positively impact you and your business !


Evolving together with the world, we will build a strong and competitive organization that will bring positive change to the world, ensuring progress to both the society and the IT industry.


Social and moral integrity
Commitment to professional, 
and personal excellence.