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Digital privacy and
reputation protection

Internet can be a dangerous place, and while using it you constantly leave visible and invisible tracks that can harm your personal privacy, as well as personal and corporate reputation. We are here to help you use the internet safely, while ensuring maximum security, privacy, and a shining reputation.


  • Analysis of the IT systems you use for potential issues related to security and privacy
  • Introduction of security and privacy policies and procedures
  • Personal and corporate data handling procedures
  • Internet / LAN / WIFI usage and behavior policies
  • Digital tracking mitigation
  • Advertisement / tracking sites and cookies blocking
  • Deployment of secure internet browsing environment
  • Digital trail removal **
  • Secure data deletion / wiping **
  • Removal of personal internet content **
  • Removal of cached search results **
  • Deletion of internet service accounts **

** With explicit personal / corporate written permission and authorization. Must be an owner of the given online account / service / content / computer system or database.

Legal data removal only, performed only from customer owned / customer leased computer systems / services.



Privacy policies and procedures
Internet / LAN / WAN usage and behavior procedures and policies

Secure browser / browsing environments
Custom Mozilla Firefox package configured for maximum privacy, security and performance *

Solutions for digital tracking blocking tailored for your specific network and internet access patterns

Advertisement blocking solutions

Increase antivirus / anti-malware efficiency

Protect your privacy

Increase your internet speed

Reduce your internet traffic/data usage

Block adult / social networks
Block non-business related sites and content


Digital trail removal
Personal internet content removal
Secure data deletion
Removal of data from personal
websites, e-mail accounts

Deletion of content from social networks
Cached search engine results removal
Internet service account deletion

Note: Services subject to terms outlined above.